Monday, February 12, 2018

Greaterness Life

   Welcome, one and all, to Greaterness Life! I wish you blessings and peace always! This blog is to encourage thought and movement forward for all. We all have light and darkness inside ourselves. Both are blessings and tools to learn from. Both can be honored and respected. Greaterness Coaching is about opening your mind to all light and darkness.
   When I think of darkness, I choose not to label it as "bad." Darkness is welcome here, just as light is. Anger has much a right to be here as laughter. They are all parts of the Universe. They are all teachers in the pathway of life. This is about being able to step back into a space where we can look at the lessons that the Universe is presenting us daily.
   If we label something as" bad" , we crippled ourselves by putting ourselves in a negative mindset. This mindset does not incur growth. It's limiting and hurtful. When we welcome everything in life, we are able to deal with the challenges of life in moving forward. We spend our energy in a solution focused mindset, moving forward instead of fighting life. There is nothing to gain in fighting life. We will always lose. Being mindful of this, we are able to take the energy we have and put it to good use. A challenge is an amazing opportunity to transcend. When we label a challenge as "bad", we have already begun to lose the battle. There are no time and energy in battle. The time and energy are are better used in seeing the lesson and finding the solutions.

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