Wednesday, February 28, 2018

What Some Call Racism

Hello my friends,
  First of all,  I do not like labels to begin with.  I have an interesting story. It happened about 25 years ago. I was in a tiny country bar, sitting next to a gentleman and we began to talk. He told me about his wife who he really adored, his boating times, camping and more. He bought me a beer and we kept talking. Somehow, the issue of race came up and he told me how he hated African Americans. I  was  taken aback at his comment and I wanted to find out more. I asked him to explain. I could see the pain in his eyes, as he told me his story of a young boy. This young boy was surrounded and beaten by a group of African Americans. The hurt still lingered as he spoke. I could understand how his fear and sadness lead him to the place he was in today. I, actually, was shocked that I was able to have empathy for one who had so much hatred. It was only because I was able to open my heart and listen to his story. After that, the conversation switched and we began talking and laughing about one of my favorite subjects... dogs. I saw that he was not only filled with hatred, but also with amazing love! The way he spoke about his little dog was beautiful and I was totally tuned in! It was at that point that I realized we all have something in common. It is only if we are able to put aside our roadblocks and listen and learn from others. We all have light and dark. I look for and embrace the light in others. We are all beautiful!

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