Saturday, April 14, 2018

Your Beautiful Amazing Soul

Hello all lovely beings,
   Let's begin this blog by giving thanks for this day full of light and hope! Feel the energy of the Universe surrounding you with love.
  We all are unique and special creations. We are filled with magical gifts to give back to the Universe. Many of us are out spreading our gifts to the world. However, there are some that are struggling in the darkness. The darkness is our friend as well. It is through the darkness that we can find and appreciate the beautifulness of Light. There is no need to struggle with the darkness. We can befriend her and look for the lessons that she brings. We can use these lessons as stepping stones to our Greater Selves. Each lesson that we embrace leads us closer to joy, happiness and creativity. We can choose the path of learning, instead of fighting. There is no reason to fight, but there is a reason to learn. As my super amazing teacher, Michael Scimeca, would say, "You win some and you learn some." This attitude brings a sense of peace to life. The  Dalai Lama, also, says once you know that life will be filled with sickness and hardships then you will be happier. It is when we say our road should smooth always is when we are not ready to handle all that life offers. We need to get our fire extinguishers ready before the fire. This can be done by discovering that our Soul has many gifts to tune into...Strength, Courage, Beauty, Compassion and so much more. If we sit in a quiet space, listening to our hearts and tuning into these beautiful elements, our Souls will be growing with Self-Love. Your Soul is filled with gifts to help you thrive in every situation. Stop and think about the Power you have inside your Soul. Maybe it has been a long time since you have seen that Power, but she is still there waiting for you to call on her to guide you to Peace.
   Be blessed all my friends. May you live from your Courageous, Loving Heart and Soul!

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