Saturday, April 14, 2018

Your Beautiful Amazing Soul

Hello all lovely beings,
   Let's begin this blog by giving thanks for this day full of light and hope! Feel the energy of the Universe surrounding you with love.
  We all are unique and special creations. We are filled with magical gifts to give back to the Universe. Many of us are out spreading our gifts to the world. However, there are some that are struggling in the darkness. The darkness is our friend as well. It is through the darkness that we can find and appreciate the beautifulness of Light. There is no need to struggle with the darkness. We can befriend her and look for the lessons that she brings. We can use these lessons as stepping stones to our Greater Selves. Each lesson that we embrace leads us closer to joy, happiness and creativity. We can choose the path of learning, instead of fighting. There is no reason to fight, but there is a reason to learn. As my super amazing teacher, Michael Scimeca, would say, "You win some and you learn some." This attitude brings a sense of peace to life. The  Dalai Lama, also, says once you know that life will be filled with sickness and hardships then you will be happier. It is when we say our road should smooth always is when we are not ready to handle all that life offers. We need to get our fire extinguishers ready before the fire. This can be done by discovering that our Soul has many gifts to tune into...Strength, Courage, Beauty, Compassion and so much more. If we sit in a quiet space, listening to our hearts and tuning into these beautiful elements, our Souls will be growing with Self-Love. Your Soul is filled with gifts to help you thrive in every situation. Stop and think about the Power you have inside your Soul. Maybe it has been a long time since you have seen that Power, but she is still there waiting for you to call on her to guide you to Peace.
   Be blessed all my friends. May you live from your Courageous, Loving Heart and Soul!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Boundaries and Self-Love

   Boundaries are created for respect and love. The word, "boundary" causes many reactions. Some might feel anxious, tense or afraid. Some might feel empowered! Boundaries bring peace and stability.
   Self -love is a beautiful, amazing gift. Once we value ourselves and embrace our own beauty, we can protect ourselves by being in charge of what comes and goes in our lives. This is where the boundaries come in. We, first, learn about boundaries as children. Our parents set them in order for our protection and care. They provide us structure and peace. They take away the guessing games.
  Boundaries are a way of communication. When we value ourselves, we are in charge of allowing only loving and productive elements into our lives. We are too beautiful and deserving of goodness to allow the opposite in.
   In a couples relationship, for example, both people should be valued and respected. Each can be allowed to speak and think as they like. And each has the power to remove themselves from the situation once it becomes harmful. We don't have to feel trapped as long as we have put the boundaries in place. If we don't put the boundaries in place, we can create havoc and monsters. If we are verbally or physically abused and don't take ourselves out of the environment, then we are saying, " It is okay to treat me this way." The abuser has been given permission to continue the behavior. Slowly by not having boundaries and self-love, a monster can be created. And then we turn around and wonder where this person came from. They developed because we allowed our lack of self-love.
   We are amazingly beautiful souls. We all have unique gifts to share with the Universe.We can look inside our hearts as a loving angel would. What would the loving angel say about us? What boundaries would our angel put in place in order to have a peaceful, love-filled life?
   So often, we are deceived by society's demands of perfection. We fail to embrace our beauty and gifts. They are within our souls and should be preserved. Self-love demands boundaries. We must be our own gate keepers to love and peace.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

What Some Call Racism

Hello my friends,
  First of all,  I do not like labels to begin with.  I have an interesting story. It happened about 25 years ago. I was in a tiny country bar, sitting next to a gentleman and we began to talk. He told me about his wife who he really adored, his boating times, camping and more. He bought me a beer and we kept talking. Somehow, the issue of race came up and he told me how he hated African Americans. I  was  taken aback at his comment and I wanted to find out more. I asked him to explain. I could see the pain in his eyes, as he told me his story of a young boy. This young boy was surrounded and beaten by a group of African Americans. The hurt still lingered as he spoke. I could understand how his fear and sadness lead him to the place he was in today. I, actually, was shocked that I was able to have empathy for one who had so much hatred. It was only because I was able to open my heart and listen to his story. After that, the conversation switched and we began talking and laughing about one of my favorite subjects... dogs. I saw that he was not only filled with hatred, but also with amazing love! The way he spoke about his little dog was beautiful and I was totally tuned in! It was at that point that I realized we all have something in common. It is only if we are able to put aside our roadblocks and listen and learn from others. We all have light and dark. I look for and embrace the light in others. We are all beautiful!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Love comes in many forms and depths. All love is cherished as it comes from a Divine source. The different kinds of love are immense. No one is better than others. Love is pure from the heart. It is the joy of laughter with a friend, the song in one's heart, the smiles of small children, a kiss between a mother and child, the embrace of a lover, the sound of the wind in the trees, the bark of a dog, the meow of a kitten...These are all elements of pure love. Love is a beautiful expression of the soul by each individual. The gift of love is a blessing to cherish in our hearts. Love is an amazing gift of life that I give thanks for every day of my life.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Greaterness Life

   Welcome, one and all, to Greaterness Life! I wish you blessings and peace always! This blog is to encourage thought and movement forward for all. We all have light and darkness inside ourselves. Both are blessings and tools to learn from. Both can be honored and respected. Greaterness Coaching is about opening your mind to all light and darkness.
   When I think of darkness, I choose not to label it as "bad." Darkness is welcome here, just as light is. Anger has much a right to be here as laughter. They are all parts of the Universe. They are all teachers in the pathway of life. This is about being able to step back into a space where we can look at the lessons that the Universe is presenting us daily.
   If we label something as" bad" , we crippled ourselves by putting ourselves in a negative mindset. This mindset does not incur growth. It's limiting and hurtful. When we welcome everything in life, we are able to deal with the challenges of life in moving forward. We spend our energy in a solution focused mindset, moving forward instead of fighting life. There is nothing to gain in fighting life. We will always lose. Being mindful of this, we are able to take the energy we have and put it to good use. A challenge is an amazing opportunity to transcend. When we label a challenge as "bad", we have already begun to lose the battle. There are no time and energy in battle. The time and energy are are better used in seeing the lesson and finding the solutions.